Dream world like tm and hm sprites by ldejruff-d6wvw9s

TMs or Technical Machines are moves that you can teach a Pokemon, when it cant learn it by level up. Most of the TMs you abtain are by defeating the Gym Leaders in each game. Every Gym leader you defeat gives you a TM with a Badge.

There are a 100 TMs in Gen 6. Although most Pokemon are able to learn a whole bunch of TM moves, there are 14 incompatible Pokemon that can't learn TMs.

They are : -

#010 - Caterpie

#011 - Metapod

#013 - Weedle

#014 - Kakuna

#129 - Magikarp

#132 - Ditto

#201 - Unown

#235 - Smeargle

#265 - Wurmple

#266 - Silcoon

#268 - Cascoon

#374 - Beldum

#415 - Combee

#663 - Scatterbug

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